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We are a PvP based Horde guild on the Molten WoW realm - Greymane. Our main aim is to organise a skilled and enthusiastic group of players and reincarnate the Horde glory on the battlefields of Azeroth.

We being a PvP guild doesnt mean that PvE is going to be completely ignored, but it will appear on a later basis of the realms progress, when there is enough instances and raids, that are well scripted. Never the less, raiding will never be our goal. Players will not get ranked or rewarded for raiding, but they are not forbidded to do so.

Here are the requirements for joining the guild:

1) You must be active for atleast 5 hours a day. We are aware that elder players have much responsibilities in real life, as well as work to do and such. But being in a guild, is a responsibility by itself. And if you are not dedicated atleast to some point, then we are not the place for you.

2) To avoid inadequate and immature behaviour, the minimum age of joining the guild is 16 . Players that are arogant and intolerant towards guildies will be warned, and procedurally kicked.

3) Your character must be on the Horde side. And your level must be atleast 80 in order to join us. This doesnt mean that promising applications from lower levelers will not be considered. There could be exceptions.

4) Although this is not a MUST, it is recommended that you are in the EU time zone. Players from other parts of the world are weolcome to join us as well. But expect a harder time in keeping up with everyone.

5) You have a free will in WoW, and nobody can take it away from you. But you must be ready to always response when the guild needs you.

6) We are a international guild, which means you must be able to write and speak promising English.

Perhaps now you wonder what will we do? Well here is some of the activities <Desparatus Audentia> is going to pull trough:

1) Daily RBG premades.

2) Arena teams of 2v2 , 3v3 & 5v5

3) Invasions on Alliance territories.

4) Raids on Stormwind city and other capitals.

Please have at mind, these activities will take place when we have enough manpower. Dont expect to be in the best PvP guild from starters.

Well this is all there is to it for now. This will be updated with the guilds progress so check out the forums atleast once a day or two.

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Rhazgrom, Feb 18, 12 3:07 PM.
Welcome to our guilds site! For now there is nothing to announce. This topic will be later edited, when guild activities take place.
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